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Accept Donations

When raising cash for charities, as if undertaking the three peaks on a unicycle isn't difficult enough, you also have to choose which online fundraising site to use. Don't just plump for the first one you find, the amount your charity gets can vary vastly depending on getting it right. The site-by-site guide below helps you as a fundraiser decide where to set yours up.

The information below has been collated as guidance to assist local Charity and Community groups but BVA cannot accept any responsibility for decisions taken by groups regarding the options identified. Check out information from the Charity Commission

How much do you actually get from donations?
You might be forgiven for thinking that a £10 donation made by a friend online means a £10 donation directly to your charity of choice. In reality, however, it can be much more or much less depending on the site and whether or not the donation includes Gift Aid.

Admin fees:
Some sites charge charities an administration or a transaction fee for processing your donation. This ranges from nothing to £2 and can make a huge difference to the overall amount a charity receives, especially if the total comes from lots of small donations which are all subject to the fee.

Card charges:
Some sites may also charge fees for using a particular credit or debit card, which will again dent your donated amount.

Finally, there is the potential of a VAT charge which the site must pay and will take from donations. This does not apply where the site itself is a registered charity and therefore benefits from tax relief.

What is Gift Aid?
UK taxpayers making online donations always have the option to pay via Gift Aid - meaning that charities can claim back the tax paid on each donated amount - an extra 25% on top of basic taxpayers donations (e.g. you give £50, the charity gets £62.50). Higher rate (40%) or additional rate (50%) taxpayers can reclaim the difference between the basic and higher rates too - then can decide to donate that or not. For higher-rate taxpayers, that's another £12.50 on top of £50. For full Gift Aid details, see the MSE Charity Giving Guide.

Please see the chart below for more information.

We hope this information will help you decide which website is best for your organisation. (MoneySavingExpert.com 2017)

Giving Site Comparison

A copy of this page can be downloaded here

(1) JustGiving for churches - By going via the National Churches Trust, churches, chapels and meeting houses can join JustGiving for FREE, giving you access to the whole  JustGiving platform, and saving the usual £15 a month subscription fee.

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Charity Choice

Charity Choice is unique enabling supporters to give to their favourite charities in the way they choose.

Giving Back

Giving Back makes it quick and easy for charities, fundraisers and sponsors to raise money for good causes.


Since launching in 2001, we've enabled over 21 million people to raise £1.5 billion for over 13,000 charities and causes in radically new ways. Our job is to make fundraising simple !

Local Giving

Localgiving.com is the UK's leading platform for small, local charities. Our goal is to make online fundraising easy for community groups and their supporters.


MyDonate is a not-for-profit, online fundraising service for UK charities from BT. This service provides a secure, easy-to-use way for millions of people to raise money for their favourite charity.

The Big Give

The Big Give provides an intelligent way for proactive philanthropists to support charities and projects of interest, and for charities to engage with donors new and old.

Total Giving

Total Giving provides the charity with the ability to setup fundraising pages for events and appeals as well as take online donations with the money going directly to them; we do not handle any money.

Virgin Money Giving

Fundraisers and donors can be 100% confident that the company they are dealing with isn't making a profit on their donation and that more of their hard-earned cash is going to their chosen cause.