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Tel: 01256 423816

Community Kickstart Grants

The Breeze Community Kickstart provides charity grants to organisations across the regions of Hampshire and Surrey. Apply for a grant online.

Weekly deadlines: Two worthy causes will be selected each week - (ends April/May 2017)

Who can apply?

Organisations (big and small).

The Breeze is supporting a fantastic resource for good causes across Hampshire and south-west Surrey. Community Kickstart provides grants to organisations across the region every week over the next 12 months (excluding Christmas and August).

Money will not be paid to an individual person, it should be a group (whether big or small) and applicants, along with referees, should be available at all times to receive a phone call from the judge or they may forfeit their opportunity to receive a grant.

Two worthy causes will be selected each week by a judge independent of The Breeze and it’s parent company Celador Radio and the total funds for the year will be £25,000.

Nominees will be announced on The Breeze every Monday morning with the amount awarded revealed on the Friday of that week. Further terms and conditions can be found at the bottom of this page.

Fill out the form in full, including details of the applicant and referee.

Alternatively, you can print a form (click here to open the pdf. form) and post to:

Grand Judge,
Community Chest c/o The Breeze
Roman Landing
SO14 1BN