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Fundraising Options

There are many avenues to raise funds for Groups and some of these are identified below to assist local Charities and Voluntary Organisations.

Some Online Fundraising Options are:

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New way to give money to good causes

A new website has been set up to make it easier for local people, groups and businesses to support community ideas and give to local good causes.

Sainsbury's Local Hero

The Sainsbury's Local Hero scheme supports any volunteers who work at Sainsbury's and volunteer for a charity or voluntary group. Sainsbury's will pay £5 an hour, to a maximum of £200 per year.

Morrisons Foundation - ongoing

Morrisons is now supporting colleagues' fundraising challenges by match funding their efforts pound for pound - up to £1000 - two times a year. They also provide grants to registered charities.

Wilkinson's Helping Hands Grants

Wilkinsons Helping Hands Grants are available to a wide spectrum of organisations: Charities, housing associations, friendly societies, voluntary organisations and other types of groups.

Groupon Grassroots Funding

Groupon Grassroots inspires people to support projects and campaigns that spur measurable social change.