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Tel: 01256 423816

Group Development

Group Support

The BVA Group Development Team based within the Orchard building are available to assist local Voluntary Groups and Charity Organisations with advice, support and development with a wide range of issues associated with Governance & LeadershipFinance & FundingPolicies & Procedures, Admin & Management, Staff & Volunteers & Activities & Services. The team have experience working with various organisations of various sizes within Basingstoke and interaction with the Charity Commission, Funding agencies and a raft of other related bodies and partners.

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Group Support Simple Quality Protects Funding And Grants Fundraising Options
The team can be contacted by email admin@bvaction.org.uk or phone 01256 423816 and organisation representatives can request a meeting either at the Orchard or perhaps at their own building to discuss issues associated with the successful running and development of their group. 

Group Quality Assurance 'SQP'

In addition, the team can assist organisations with quality accreditation via the SQP process (Simple Quality Protects). This ensures that your organisation has been checked to ensure compliance to relating to policies and procedures etc setting the group up for a far better chance of receiving funding and being recognised as a quality organization. Note that as from April 1st 2017 only organisations already undertaking SQP can access these documents.

Funding and Grant Funding Opportunities

Finally, the Group Development Team maintain a list of potential grant funding opportunities which are publicised on a regular basis, plus online fundraising options and the team can potentially assist with actual grant applications. All groups are however requested to take note of the various funding documents to ensure they are actually ready for funding. 

Fundraising Options

A variety of fundraising Options are available for groups so check out what is available via the link above.

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