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1 - Governance & Leadership

Successful Voluntary Community Groups and Charities need adequate Governance and Leadership to ensure smooth running and reduction of any liability. The various .pdf documents and links available within this section assist with creation and implementation of the various requirements.

Contact the group development team via 01256 423816 for additional information and assistance or email to admin@bvaction.org.uk 

1.01Considerations before establishing a new group – How do you know there is a need and is there another group offering a similar service in the area and have you considered joining an existing group rather than starting a new one ?

1.02Setting up a Voluntary Organisation or Charity – Interact with Basingstoke Voluntary Action to discuss initial considerations. Consider, Organise and publicise the inaugural meeting.

1.03Governance (Management Committee / Trustees) – Form the committee ensuring core roles are filled and ensure trustees are aware of their responsibilities.

1.03.1 - Trustees - Overview of roles and responsibilities of group Trustees

1.04Governing Documents including Constitution – Be clear on what should be contained within governing documents and what type of association or trust etc your group should be. Note that governing documents should be reviewed at least every five years and meetings should have minutes taken.

1.05Insurance for Organisations – Does your organisation have Public Liability Insurance, require Employers Liability Insurance or need Professional or Charity Trustee Indemnity Insurance etc.

1.06Business Planning – Have your organisation produced a business plan to clarify your organisations future plans, financial requirements and ensure you are run efficiently to longer term objectives and deliverables.

1.07Different types of Voluntary or Charitable organisations – Consider why your group has been formed and if profit making or not, decide on your legal structure and if you plan to register as a charity or not ?

1.08 - Charitable Status – Be clear on what charitable status actually means, understand the advantages and disadvantages plus any obligations.

1.09To incorporate or not to incorporate – Advantages and disadvantages of Incorporation or Company Limited by Guarantee.

1.09.1 - Unincorporated Association - Details regarding an association plus advantages and disadvantages.

1.09.2 - Unincorporated Charitable Trust

1.09.3 - Company Limited by Guarantee

1.10 Mergers and restructures – Reasons for potentially merging or restructuring.

1.11 - Closing a Group - Further Information coming soon - In the interim contact Group Development via 01256 423816 or admin@bvaction.org.uk