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3 - Policies & Procedures

It is a requirement of all organisations to ensure that relevant Policies and Procedures are created and implemented where applicable. Organisations supporting vulnerable groups and/or individuals must have relevant safeguarding policies and systems plus show a good understanding of service delivery and legislative requirements.

Policies and Procedures are of course relevant to the different types of groups and role being undertaken. Different levels of policy can in fact be required depending on the growth of the organisation and if staff are employed as an example.

Policies and procedures set out how a charity should be run. One of the most important ways that a board can oversee the delegation of its work is via written policies and procedures. The BVA Group Development Team can assist with advice and guidance and have a selection of template documents which can be amended to suit Charity or Voluntary Organisations requirements. Some policies are a legal requirement – for example, charities employing five or more staff must have a written health and safety policy.

Note that - Organisations should ensure they have key policies in place endorsed by trustees/committee and reviewed annually - Health & Safety, Risk Assessments, Complaints, Confidentiality & Safeguarding. Also, documentation confirming policies have been read, understood and agreed plus DBS completed where applicable on staff. First Aid and fire procedures in place alongside suitable Insurance arranged. Additional policies and procedures are required if employing staff.

The following Policies and Procedures are currently under review * and will all be available soon. These Documents should be delivered very soon, Samantha Hussey has been working on them for 6 Months+ so if you have any queries please call on 01256 423848

Absence Management   * Induction
Acceptable Information and Technology Use Policy   * Insurance Policy
Advice, Information & Guidance (AIG) Policy   * Job Sharing
Alcohol and Drugs Policy   * Learning & Development
Annual Leave Policy & Procedures   Lone Worker Policy & Procedures
Anti Bribery, Fraud & Theft Policy   *Maternity Leave Policy
* Anti Bullying   Professional Boundaries
Capability Policy & Procedures   * Publicity & Promotion
Client Consent form   Recruitment of Ex offenders
* Code of Conduct   Redundancy Policy
Complaints Policy & Procedures   Reserves Policy
Confidentiality Policy   * Retirement
Conflict of Interest Policy   * Risk Assessments
Contract of Employment (Not Volunteers)   Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults
Criminal Convictions Disclosure   Smoking Policy
Data Protection Policy   Staff Shortages & Safe Practice Guidelines
* DBS (Inc Certificate Handling)   Sustainable Environment
Disciplinary Policy & Procedures   * Time off in Lieu - BVA
Discrimination Policy   Trustee Recruitment
Equality & Diversity Policy   Violent & Sex Offenders Engagement Policy
Finance Policy and Procedures   Violence within the Workplace
* Fire Procedures   Volunteering Policy
* First Aid   * Vulnerable Persons
* Fundraising Policy   * Weekend & Residentials
Grievance Policy & Procedures    
Harrassment Policy
  Whistleblower Policy and Procedures
Health & Safety   * Working from Home/Work Life Balance
* HIV, Aids, Hep B Policy   Working with Children & Young People