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SQP Silver Level

 SQP Silver

At this stage the organisation will be further developing their basic policies in response to the needs of the users and showing that it is both keeping up to date with changes and developments and collaborating with others. Planning will be a more significant part of the organisation and there will be a more formal process for staff and volunteers. High quality of service is demonstrated and the organisation has a good knowledge of relevant legislation and good practice.

Download the SQP Silver Level Workbook which will guide you through the requirements in detail

Or download the SQP Bronze & Silver Level Workbook if you wish to go direct for Silver Level

The requirements for Silver Level are:

1 Governance and Leadership

  • A business plan

2 Finance & Funding

  • Maintaining Records

3 Policies & Procedures

  • A generic Risk Assessment
  • Complaints

4 Administration & Management

  • Reviewing Services and Activities
  • Publicity

5 Staff & Volunteers

  • First Aid

6 Activities, Services & Projects

  • Networking
  • Local Authority
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